On the Internet it is all about collecting data!

The big companies offer their ‘free’ services and we ‘pay’ with our data.
As a result, they make billions of dollars per year by selling our data.

Hackers steal our data from our devices and from unsafe websites.
As a result, they cause billions of dollars of damage.

It is time to protect your personal data with a PERsonal NUMber - PERNUM.

Use your PerNum, password, and pin as your login credentials at participating websites.

Thus, you don’t need to share your email address and other personal data with every website, reducing the risk of being hacked.


Your PerNum includes a 100% spam free email account with maximum privacy.

Thus, you are in control of your inbox, and you receive only those emails you really want to read.


Your PerNum is your account number at participating banks, exchanges, and wallet services.

Thus, you don’t need to remember different account numbers and you are still 100% safe thanks to our state-of-the-art 2-factor authentication process.


Imagine a networking meeting, and people sharing their business cards. Do you really know who you are sharing your data with?

Using your PerNum as your business card, you are always in control of your data.


When you post something on social media, the whole world can see your username or even your real name.

With your PerNum displayed instead, you stay private and protected from haters and stalkers.


Your PerNum is your lottery ticket in daily prize draws without sharing your data.

Thus, you can win valuable prizes without being bombarded with spam emails.